Marketplace Insights & Online Brand Protection

POTOO tracks and manages millions of different items across all product categories, from many of the world’s most valued brands.


Marketplace Brand Protection

Manufacturers are faced with increased challenges in online marketplaces including disruptive third-party sellers, fluid price points, illegitimate sourcing, and counterfeit goods. As a result, even the most successful brands experience reduced sales and margins from lack of control over digital marketplaces. These problems will only continue to grow as more retailers sell their products online. POTOO helps brands remain in control through data-driven services that help inform strategic decisions aiming to protect brands from sources that diminish its reputation.

  •  •  eAdvise – Authorized Seller Compliance Program
  • •  TALON – Web monitoring and Price Tracking Service
  • •  Aerial360 – Custom Online Assortment Tracking Tool
  • •  Recall Management Support

Category & Catalog Management

POTOO provides expert guidance for optimizing your online product catalog on third-party marketplaces. We utilize best practices to help your brand navigate complex eCommerce platforms successfully. Our services include:

  • • Metrics and Data Analysis to Increase Sales
  • • Launch and List New Products
  • • Optimization of Current Content and Listings, including A+ Content
  • • Amazon Communications Facilitation
  • • Seller Metrics and Customer Feedback Rating
  • • Develop Pricing Strategies
  • • Keyword Searches

Marketplace Analytics & Category Insights

Accurate data is imperative for informing business decisions when selling on rapidly changing online marketplaces. POTOO provides each client with a customized and interactive dashboard zeroing in on pivotal data points such as:

  • • Seller and Listing Count
  • • Marketplace Price Tracking
  • • Price Violator Tracking
  • • Reseller Inventory and Sales
  • AdvanceBSR (Best Seller Ranking)
  • • AdvanceKWS (Amazon Key Word Search)