eADVISE Distribution Strategy

Strengthen your distribution strategy and get your channels organized.
eADVISE assists brands as they navigate the online marketplace, providing expert guidance for dealer & distributor agreements and pricing policies to support their sales channel strategy.

How it works


We’ll analyze your brand’s current procedures and policies. Simultaneously, we’ll perform a deep dive into the size and scope of known problems, and uncover supply chain and distribution issues.


POTOO eCommerce experts will leverage our findings to provide best-in-class strategic recommendations.

Policy creation

Our team will aid in the creation of a tailor-made enforceable agreement to protect your brand and profits, aligning with current and future needs.
  1. Pricing Policies
  2. Dealer Agreements
  3. E-commerce agreements
  4. Distributor agreements
  5. Reseller authorization programs
  6. Identify the size and scope of the majority of issues.


Once policies are rolled out, POTOO can help you enforce them across online retailers and marketplaces like Amazon.

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