POTOO is Proud to Have Sponsored its Second UConn School of Business Capstone Project

News | July 5, 2022

The UConn Masters of Business Analytics and Project Management (MSBAPM) Program partners with local corporations to offer challenging Capstone Projects to graduate students across the Hartford and Stamford campuses. Students in the program typically have two years of prior work experience, an undergraduate grade point average of 3.4, a GMAT score of 630, and a GRE of 312. The Capstone Project is designed by the sponsor, in consultation with MSBAPM faculty, to encourage and inspire graduate students to innovate solutions to real-world problems through data analytics.

POTOO is proud to have sponsored its second Capstone Project this year, in partnership with the MSBAPM Program. More than 30 graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in business analytics at UConn worked on the graded project to earn three credits towards graduation during the challenging, semester-long “live” capstone project. “This program is a perfect fit for POTOO,” said CEO, Fred Dimyan. “Data analytics in the eCommerce space is what we do every day for our clients. With the Capstone Project, we get to work with more than 30 experienced graduate students on real-world innovation and expand our development team with fresh analytical minds.”

Students are required to use various skills such as data visualization, predictive modeling, data management, process modeling, and data mining techniques during the program. Students must collaborate with their team members and utilize project management skills to complete the project within time and budget constraints. By solving real-world issues, students build their portfolios and find the data much more engaging.

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