POTOO Among Top 20 eCommerce Technology Companies of 2020

News | August 14, 2021

Top 20 eCommerce Technology Solution Companies – 2020

As technology continues to evolve, the eCommerce arena has majorly benefited from its Midas touch and is experiencing a transformation in the way consumers connect with brands. eCommerce businesses in their quest to improve the customer experience have been embracing cutting-edge technologies that engage customers better while they make several online purchases.

Technologies transforming the eCommerce arena include augmented reality, voice search, artificial intelligence, personalization, big data, and chatbots. These technologies are in step to make the shopping experience for customers, more engaging and personalized. eCommerce businesses are also trying to ease out the shopping experience for customers by introducing varied payment options that make payments hassle-free. This year may also see an increased transition to headless commerce and the adoption of a progressive web app. Every eCommerce website is also displaying videos containing product reviews that help customers get a better understanding of the product they are purchasing.

As modern shopping requires a process of cross-channel research, consideration, and purchase, customers expect smooth interactions across multiple channels and devices. This brings to light the importance of omnichannel readiness for today’s businesses. Making use of the right technology in place would mean providing customers with not only what they want but also where they want it. That’s where video chat and co-browsing help businesses to interact face-to-face with customers and create a personalized and cross-channel consultative experience. Moreover, artificial intelligence and automation tools are providing voice-powered assistants and chatbots, which are considered as future for businesses.

As the metamorphosis of eCommerce continues, we present to you the most promising eCommerce technology solution providers and consultancy/service companies that are at the forefront of transforming the eCommerce ecosystem and maximizing ROI from the eCommerce investment. With fierce competition in the eCommerce market, it is a tough choice for potential eCommerce store customers to search for the best performers in the eCommerce industry. CIOReview has curated a list of top eCommerce developers. Being the best eCommerce website design and development companies, these firms build robust eCommerce solutions and services that provide a premium experience to customers.

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