Walmart’s Online Marketplace is Rapidly Growing. Is Your Brand Equipped to Follow its Growth?

Blogs | May 17, 2023

Walmart’s online marketplace has been rapidly growing throughout the years in many ways. Current Walmart shoppers enjoy the everyday low prices, familiarity of the products they know and love as well as the quick access to various Walmart stores for easy pick-ups and returns.

While in the pursuit to scale and follow Amazon’s footsteps to provide consumers with their own unique shopping experience Walmart has been making major leaps in the past couple of years to grow and compete against Amazon, the most popular platform and other marketplaces such as eBay, Shopify, Facebook Marketplace and Etsy. Below are three ways Walmart is looking to stay competitive in the ever growing e-commerce space.

Three Examples of Walmart’s Marketplace Growth :

1. Increased product offerings: By the end of the year Walmart expects to have over 200 million items in its e-commerce assortment. With more products to browse and shop from you can expect to see more consumer traffic on Walmart’s site.

2. Robust growth in fulfillment services: Walmart is working to have a fulfillment center in every state in the U.S while expanding into Mexico and India. These next generation fulfillment centers will have the capacity to provide 75% of the U.S. population with next-or two-day shipping on millions of items.

3. Increased seller activity: The marketplace continues to add more sellers to the platform. Now adding roughly 5,000 new U.S sellers monthly, along with 1,000 China based sellers added monthly. The platform is roughly currently sitting at over 100,000 sellers and growing. Almost 40% of Amazon sellers are also considering selling on Walmart Marketplace, and one-third of Amazon third-party sellers believe Walmart e-commerce will compete strongly against Amazon in the future.

Recommendations and How POTOO can help:

Complete marketplace visibility for brands is more important now than ever before. With multiple marketplaces open and available for third party sellers to begin listing brands products for sale it’s critical to know where your third-party sellers are sourcing products from, and more importantly how your products are being packaged and sold to your brand’s consumers.

We can provide impactful data insights which will give your brand full marketplace visibility on Walmart, Amazon, eBay, including over 200 other sites and e-commerce platforms throughout the U.S and internationally.

Our full service brand protection program will allow your team to expand into other marketplaces with confidence knowing POTOO’s team of marketplace and brand protection professionals will be providing full coverage and protection through actionable analytics while having a supportive account team constantly monitoring the marketplace for any seller misbehavior to uphold your brand integrity and consumer satisfaction.

To learn more about how our team can provide your brand with full marketplace visibility and brand protection coverage on Walmart or any additional marketplaces, while investigating third-party sellers and providing your brand with top of the line service to take control of the marketplace, message us on LinkedIn or contact us at to be connected to one of our team members today!

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