Sharpen Your Focus on Pricing with TALON: Our New Advanced Price Monitoring Innovation

Blogs | May 17, 2023

Our newest innovation, TALON, is exactly what your brand needs to stay informed with pricing trends across various retailers and marketplaces. Our advanced technology searches for pricing activity on over 6,000 different websites to help brand managers contextualize both marketplace and retailer behavior through an easy-to-use dashboard.

In this article we will highlight some use-cases that TALON will satisfy. Along with how our critical and dynamic metrics can help inform every distributor and retailer conversation and back-up any crucial business decisions.

Three Use-cases For TALON :

1. Discover Previously Unknown Retailers Offering Your Product: With most manufacturers aware of their authorized retailer partners, our data can help uncover additional unknown retailers that are selling your brands products without authorization.

2. Uncover The Source of Price Matching : In our user friendly dashboard updated daily you will get detailed insights on the price trends across various dealers and marketplaces day-over-day which will help your brand pin-point the retailers and/or marketplaces anchoring your pricing.

3. Track Success of Your Compliance : If your brand currently has a MAP Policy in place, TALON gives you the visibility you need to track the compliance of your authorized dealers and allows you to easily download pricing reports to share with your sales channels and back-up any business decisions.

TALON is a reliable innovation that provides your brand with accurate and actionable insights at your fingertips to always keep you informed and help you navigate the ever-changing e-commerce ecosystem.

Your brand can engage with TALON as a low-cost stand-alone product or choose to layer it into a larger brand protection program to maximize the actionability of our data.

Get started today by messaging us on LinkedIn or contacting us at to learn more about how TALON can help your brand gain full visibility on pricing trends online and how POTOO can help you implement or improve your compliance program to reach your overall marketplace goals.

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