Protect Your Brand: Strategies for Avoiding Marketplace Disruption Amid Bed Bath & Beyond’s Liquidation and Store Closures

Blogs | May 17, 2023

As Bed Bath & Beyond begins liquidating inventory and closing stores, brands need to take proactive steps to protect themselves from potential marketplace disruption by unauthorized third-party sellers.

For years, Bed Bath & Beyond has been a major player in the big-box retail industry, offering a wide variety of household items at discounted prices. However, the company’s slow transition to online shopping has led to declining sales and financial difficulties, ultimately resulting in its recent bankruptcy filing. This should come at no surprise to customers and brands, as the company has been facing liquidity issues and warning about its possible bankruptcy since early January.

With store closing sales beginning soon, deep discounting will likely attract resellers looking to make a profit by buying and reselling the liquidated products on popular marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. This can lead to unauthorized third-party sellers flooding the market with discounted products, potentially harming the brand’s reputation and undercutting its authorized sellers.

The closure of a major retailer like Bed Bath & Beyond can have ripple effects on the e-commerce landscape. Brands must be prepared to adapt and take measures to protect themselves from the potential market disruption caused by unauthorized third-party sellers.

How POTOO Can Help :

We are a trusted Brand Protection company that can help brands protect themselves from potential marketplace disruption caused by retailer liquidation. Our team of marketplace experts can uncover, investigate and target unauthorized third-party sellers that may be violating marketplace policies and negatively impacting your brand’s reputation. This can help prevent sales from being diverted away from your brand and your authorized selling partners. By partnering with us, brands can safeguard their reputation and maintain control over their products in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape. Our proactive approach can help brands stay ahead of the game and adapt to changes in the marketplace, ensuring their long-term success.

Take action today to protect your brand from marketplace disruption caused by unauthorized third-party sellers and liquidation sales. Message us on LinkedIn or reach out to to be connected with an eCommerce specialist.

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