Prime Day Early Access: Great for Amazon and Shoppers, but is it great for your Brand?

Blogs | May 17, 2023

Amazon is introducing another Prime Day planned for October 11 – 12th (Prime Day Early Access).

Prime Day is great for Amazon, as Amazon makes fees on Marketplace Sellers regardless of Profit, and Prime Day offers tremendous value for Amazon customers.

Prime Day is constantly breaking records. It’s a good headline for Amazon, and a metric tracked by Brands, but here are 5 questions to consider :

1. Does your brand have enough inventory when you factor in supply chain issues and the Holiday season?
2. Are you strategically selecting items to benefit your brand, and do these items have quality customer reviews?
3. Are the items you selected focused on gaining market share or pulling forward demand?
4. Are you managing ad spend with strict limits? (Ad budgets can easily be blown with massively increased volume)
5. Is your brand winning the Buy Box? (Are you competing with other sellers)

With POTOO’s actionable data insights and brand protection expertise we help brands monitor their online presence and control the Buy Box!

Message us on LinkedIn or contact us at to find out how we can help your brand make the most out of Prime Day Sales.

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