POTOO’s eAdvise™ Service

Blogs | August 1, 2022

How confident are you in your channel strategy and does it provide opportunities for growth? 

There are three essential components for any brand to consider when managing an effective omni-channel strategy.

  1. Accurate and Complete Data & Analytics
  2. Up-to-date Dealer Agreements & Enforceable Policies
  3. Active Brand Protection Solution

One of the biggest challenges brands face in the online marketplace is how to manage authorized dealers and disruptive third-party sellers.  Authorized seller management requires dealer agreements and updated policies that reflect the current omni-channel approach most brands have adopted.  

POTOO’s eAdvise™ service provides guidance on updating dealer & distributor agreements and the creation and implementation of effective pricing policies designed for both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce sales channels.  eAdvise™ is backed by our unique expertise coming directly from our brand experience utilizing best practices and tactics from planning to implementation.

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