POTOO Announces Educational Partnership With firstmovr

Blogs | September 3, 2020

All of us here at POTOO are delighted to announce we have formed an educational partnership with firstmovr, a community for leaders of eCommerce change. Founded to empower its members with the knowledge to drive immediate value across their organization, firstmovr’s learning community focuses on what matters most to those leaders moving their companies ahead. 

“Digital commerce leaders spend just as much time at the leading edge of eCommerce innovation as they spend putting out fires that eCommerce growth creates,” says Stephen Mader, Head of Strategy, Insights & Partnerships at POTOO. “firstmovr’s mission to empower those leaders at the forefront of change aligns perfectly with POTOO’s mission to enable those same leaders in protecting their brands online and ensuring their marketplace growth is incremental and sustainable.”

Our first collaborative session will be part of the JBPx Amazon Summit (September 22 – October 8). This education series covers eCommerce growth, strategies, and best practices. Specific topics include eCommerce conversion, search engine optimization, demand generation, customer insights, brand leadership, and profitability.  

On September 30th (12PM EST/5PM UK) our own Stephen Mader will dive into “Commercial Reinvention: Building Your End-to-End Marketplace Strategy.” This 90-minute presentation will cover: 
* The role of Authorized Distributors (3PL) and resellers in your core digital commerce strategy
* How to incorporate an authorized seller framework that sits alongside your commercial policy
* Best practice responsibilities of the brand to ensure it’s setting both the marketplace partner and the strategic distributor up for success
* The key components of a future-proof brand protection strategy

Register for this event series HERE.

The next series we will join is the JBPx Walmart Summit (October 20-October 29) followed by the iQBR eCommerce Leadership Summit/ Q4 2020 (November 3-November 19). 

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