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Blogs | August 9, 2022

Why are Keyword Insights Important? 

Every customer journey has to start somewhere.  Recent data suggests that 74% of the time that journey starts with an Amazon search, with the majority of the products purchased on Amazon (~70%) being discovered through the first page of search results.

More than ever, the first page of search results is the de facto catalog through which customers find the brands and products they ultimately purchase.  The inherent complexity that makes up Amazon’s third party marketplace means you are oftentimes facing a shifting landscape on the way to revenue generation.  That said, a few things do remain constant:

  • If your brand isn’t on Amazon…
  • If your listings aren’t appearing on the first page…
  • If your offers aren’t winning the Buy Box…

That revenue is being diverted to one of three places:

  1. Other brands
  2. Third party offers
  3. Rogue listings

With over 74% of your potential customers utilizing Amazon’s search function, it is crucial for you to understand the catalog to which they’re being exposed.  It is oftentimes their first and last impression of what’s available.

It may be that you have no data-driven insight into your marketplace search performance, or you may be overwhelmed with irrelevant marketing data.  Either way, POTOO’s marketplace search data is concise, easy to digest and is filtered through our unique brand protection lens, giving you visibility into the adjacent activity diverting your customers on their path to purchase.


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