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Blogs | August 23, 2022

With over 74% of your potential customers utilizing Amazon’s search function when shopping online, it is crucial for brands to understand the catalog to which shoppers are being exposed. It is oftentimes their first and last impression of what’s available. According to Business Insider, Amazon hit $31 billion in ad venue in 2021. Although only a small part of Amazon’s business, advertising is one of the retail giant’s fastest-growing areas. POTOO’s marketplace search dataset is filtered through our unique perspective and can help you understand the adjacent marketplace activity that’s impacting your marketing metrics and ultimately, your bottom line. Our AdvanceKWS™ is beneficial for brands for the following reasons:

  • Unauthorized listings using keywords are diverting your ad spend
  • Brands are competing against “your” search terms
  • Unknown marketplace sellers are capturing sales

Unauthorized listings, competing brands and mysterious third party sellers can all divert the shoppers crucial to meeting your brand’s marketplace goals. POTOO’s AdvanceKWS™ provides marketplace search data that is concise, easy to digest and gives you visibility into the adjacent activity diverting potential customers on their path to purchase.

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