July Product Update:

Blogs | August 13, 2020

For the first half of the year, the POTOO team was hard at work understanding the current needs of brands and companies of all sizes across eCommerce marketplaces. Through our learnings, we developed three new dashboards to help assist our clients in navigating their identified pain points. Recent Dashboard updates include; Competitive Pricing, Seller Name Change, and External/Internal Price Match.  

Competitive Pricing Dashboard: With this new dashboard, clients will have a faster response time to price changes. Price tracking as a manual process has a lot of room for error and can be overwhelming given the constant changes in data. The Competitive Pricing Dashboard acts as a more efficient tool for price tracking on sites of interest and allows for greater insight into data that can help improve overall pricing strategies.

Importance: The Competitive Pricing Dashboard is an adaptive strategy that can help brands grow while improving in-house productivity by efficiently monitoring price changes and adjust as needed. Clients now have accelerated response to price changes across the entire marketplace. Being equipped with a price tracking tool ensures clients can stay current on ever-changing prices in the market.

Seller Name Change Dashboard: Sellers can change their seller name at any point in time on Amazon. With a growing catalog, the burden of tracking unauthorized third-party sellers is quite cumbersome. Adding a layer of tracking, monitoring a seller name change is quite involved when done manually and requires constant surveillance. The Seller Name Change Dashboard provides the user with the ability to perform an in-depth analysis of seller name changes, which, when done manually, is inefficient and time-consuming for the parties involved.


The new Dashboard allows users to understand seller name change trends and track historical name changes across all Amazon marketplaces. 

The Dashboard also sheds light on the correlation between seller behavior and seller name changes by tracking the number of changes, previous names, and frequency of name changes. 

Do you have troublesome sellers that are constantly violating MAP, fail to meet service standards for customers, or are infringing on your brand’s IP? This Dashboard is an effective way to have documentation that can assist in litigation, as well as maintain a high level of accuracy when submitting violations. 

External/Internal Price Match Dashboard: Pricing on marketplaces like Amazon is extremely competitive. It affects the likelihood of winning the buy box and is one of the main factors leading to a customer’s decision of purchasing from a particular seller.  The External/Internal Price Match Dashboard was developed to provide users with actionable insights that can be used to enhance pricing strategies.

Importance: Amazon often price matches other major retailers and marketplaces. The External/Internal Price Match Dashboard allows the user to analyze price matching trends on first-party listings (Amazon as a Seller). This tool can provide insights into whether Amazon is price matching internally, along with price matching trends externally (outside of the Amazon marketplace). 

What’s Next?

Here’s a quick summary of the features and updates to come:

  1. Dashboard V3
  2. Seller Diagnostic Tool: Seller Scorecard
    * 3P Seller analysis tool for Amazon US & EU6
    * Composite Scoring model based on seller behavior and ranks sellers with respect to 
    * Can be used to help clients/brands determine which sellers to authorize based on scoring metrics
    * Provides in-depth Analysis or ‘Health Check’ on the following metrics:
    * Stable Flow of Goods
    * # of Brands/Unique Items Sold
    * Marketplace Presence
    * Sales Health (Velocity)
    * Inventory Health (Volume)
    * Stable Pricing Model
    * Multi-Fulfillment
    * Amazon Fulfillment

As always, please reach out with any questions!

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