Introducing the Seller Information Tooltip

Blogs | September 24, 2020

Since Amazon announced the release of Business Names and Physical Addresses for its seller profiles on September 1st, we’ve been updating the POTOO Dashboard to best represent this new information to brand partners. Our Seller Information Tooltip is one feature of the new Seller Name Change Dashboard that does just that. *Please note, as of today, this information only applies to US sellers.

How Does It Work?
Through the POTOO Dashboard, users can hover over the ‘Total Sales’ bar on the ‘Summary’ tab to trigger a pop-up display, which details the Seller’s Legal Name and Business Address as it appears on their public Amazon Seller Profile. They’ll also see a historical overview of previous storefront names and the dates they were changed.

The following information is now available:

  • * Seller’s Business Name shows the number of storefront name changes and the dates of each
  • * Seller’s Business Address including PO boxes and UPS stores
  • * Previous Storefront Names shows the number of address changes and the dates of each 
  • * Total Sales Attributed to that Seller

Why It’s Important:

In addition to tracking store names and addresses, it allows users to track seller behavioral trends across the marketplace. It helps brands shed light on seller actions by tracking the number of store name changes, previous store names, and frequency of name changes. This type of documentation is a gamechanger for supporting seller violation claims and litigation when necessary.

How You Should Use It In Your Daily Brand Protection Efforts:  

  1. Monitor seller name changes and check addresses for corresponding changes. The seller may be revealing crucial information through their new address.
  2. Utilize name and address information to build a watch-list for problematic sellers. Ensure that authorized distribution channels aren’t unknowingly fueling problematic 3P sellers.
  3. Build clauses into distribution and reseller agreements that align with the public nature of this information. Ensure that sellers are forced to engage with you and your authorized distribution channels using the same entities they are publicly declaring on the Amazon marketplace.

As always, please reach out with any questions about this new feature!

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