How to Avoid Shipping Slip-Ups this Summer

Blogs | June 21, 2022

Summer is here, and while it may not be the busiest shopping season of the year, online merchants are busy fulfilling orders day in and day out to keep up with the year-round needs of eCommerce users. Yet, as customers are enjoying the summer sun, sellers are now accounting for the potential threat that seasonal high temperatures pose to perishable goods. From melting to marring, there are a variety of issues associated with shipping during the summer months that brands must be aware of. Given the growing number of third-party sellers, however, not all companies take these precautions into consideration before distributing their products. To minimize the impact of this seasonal setback, Amazon has implemented a Summer Ship program again this summer, which sets strict guidelines for shipping practices during the summer months.

So, what is Summer Ship exactly? It’s Amazon’s shipping protocol for warm weather months in which perishable items are required to be sent in specialized packaging to ensure that they arrive in prime condition. Through the months of May through October, Amazon offers Expedited Chilling Shipping as the recommended method for items such as candy, medicine, baby food and formula, meat, and more. As the largest online retailer across the globe, Amazon understands just how important proper shipping protocols are. If a product is mishandled or damaged during the shipping process, both the health of customers and the integrity of brands are put at risk. 

At POTOO, we work on behalf of brands to communicate with authorized and unauthorized sellers to guarantee that they are compliant with material safety guidelines. Our team performs test buys on behalf of the brand to ensure standards are being met. From that point, the sellers can work with the brand to become compliant, or they end up being taken off the marketplace platform. The more proactive you can be in having in-depth conversations with your resellers, the more likely you are to ensure shipping standards are being met and your customers are receiving a great consumer experience.

If you are not using Amazon, it should be verified that the third-party seller or carrier company is equipped to handle temperature-sensitive goods. Brands should also have knowledge of any legal rules or regulations surrounding shipping certain products and be able to provide suitable packing solutions for customers in need. Some of the best practices include shipping in Styrofoam containers with cooling gel packs, selecting an appropriate coolant such as dry ice (although gel packs can keep an item’s temperature between 32ºF and 60ºF), and finally, sending delivery messages and shipment-tracking messages to customers. 

At POTOO, we want every summer to be stress-free for customers and brands alike. That’s why we work with our clients to ensure that shipping mishaps and problematic products are avoided at all costs. Contact POTOO Today to find out how we can help your brand thrive this season.

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