Healthcare Technology Expected to Make a Mark at 2022 Consumer Electronics Show

Blogs | January 7, 2022

As our lives continue to change with the pandemic, many wonder what is in store for the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Given the rise in coronavirus cases across the country, things will look slightly different this year. Over 2,200 brands will still be represented on the showroom floor. However, these numbers are half of what they were before the pandemic. Major brands like Google, Procter & Gamble, GM, AT&T, Amazon, Meta, and TikTok have considered the current circumstances and decided not to attend this year’s show.

And while CES has taken a big step in making this event in-person, compared to last year’s completely virtual show, online viewing options will still be available. Virtual spectators will have access to 50+ keynote sessions, offering the complete CES experience without the trip to Vegas. But for those who are still attending in-person, CES requires that all attendees be fully vaccinated and wear their masks while indoors. Given these unprecedented times, CES is making heightened safety efforts their top priority for both attendees and businesses.

With the trend of health, safety, and technology, the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show will feature some of the newest innovations from digital health companies worldwide. The healthcare industry has been one of the most significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, leaving health professionals struggling to overcome the loss of revenue, slim margins, and inefficiency amidst the rising numbers of hospitalizations. Therefore, this year, advanced health technology has taken precedence as corporations navigate this ever-changing situation.

According to Kate Huey, a partner at IBM Healthcare, the covid pandemic has “…exposed gaps and holes in the system, as well as inequalities in our system, and it really did spark innovation.” Consumers and corporations alike have found that one of the most significant difficulties during this time is accessing information quickly and efficiently. Hence, at the forefront of this movement is accessible telehealth, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and improved apps.

The 2022 CES will also feature numerous high-tech gadgets, setting a new standard for the future of the healthcare industry. With devices like dementia detecting helmets, sleep tracking stickers, and wearable fitness trackers already on the market, it will be exciting to see how this industry has progressed from last year’s show.

Now more than ever, it’s essential to protect your healthcare technology products and brand on online marketplaces. The growth in healthcare technology and eCommerce is not going to slow down anytime soon.

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