POTOO is a Brand Lifesaver for Candy Companies

Blogs | October 20, 2021

Wary from the ongoing pandemic, consumers turned to comfort foods throughout 2020. The biggest category of comfort foods, confectionery, reached $36.7 billion in sales. According to the National Confectionery Association, 2020 online candy sales were up 76% and projected to grow even more in 2021.

According to the National Retail Federation, $3 billion of those candy sales are for the biggest candy night of the year – Halloween. With so much candy purchased in such a short span of time, the market is full of opportunities that can hurt your brand with little time to react.

Unauthorized sellers are impacting candy brands by:

  • • Selling expired products
  • • Not storing candy correctly
  • • Shipping melted candy
  • • Shipping your candy in a bundle with your competitor’s candy

POTOO protects corporations’ branding, reputation, image, and quality control by identifying, tracking, and communicating with unauthorized sellers. Successful corporations work hard to ensure that their customers experience their products at the highest level of brand satisfaction. Yet unauthorized sellers undermine these marketing efforts, particularly in the online marketplace on websites such as Amazon, Walmart.com and eBay. POTOO protects the world’s most valued brands on the digital shelf, from candy companies to camera equipment.

Make sure that your candy tastes the way it should when families dig into their Trick-o-Treat stash at the end of the night. POTOO does this by:

  • • Identifying and tracking non-compliant sellers and product listings
  • • Contacting the non-compliant sellers
  • • Performing test buys of your product

If sellers do not address the problem, we escalate it to Amazon Brand Registry and, if necessary, alert the United States Postal Service or associated shipping carriers of the non-compliance issues.

Contact POTOO Today to Protect Your Brand in Halloween Bags in 2022!

It’s too late to protect your brand for Halloween 2021, but if you start now, you can ensure that your product’s reputation and quality will be upheld next year.


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