Avoid Being Scorned by Sweets this Valentine’s Day

Blogs | February 14, 2022

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays worldwide. Consumers splurge on everything from candy grams to romantic getaways in the days leading up to February 14th, resulting in billions in sales. As the third-priciest holiday for consumers in the U.S, Americans will spend $23.9 billion this Valentine’s Day with 41% of those purchases made online, according to a Statista report. Among the top choices for gifts remains the usual lineup of greeting cards and flowers, but who could forget the star of the show – chocolate and candy. From decadent truffles to traditional sugar hearts, Americans are expected to buy nearly $2.2 billion worth of candy this Valentine’s Day. Blame it on our nation’s sweet tooth, but it’s hard to resist indulging in our favorite treats when the occasion calls for it.

Given the ongoing pandemic, shopping in-store this year can mean settling for the last crumpled box of chocolates or wilted flowers if you’re lucky. More shoppers are turning to trusted online marketplaces like Amazon for their special Valentine’s purchases. But don’t fall head over heels for the newest holiday deals too quickly. Like a blind date gone wrong, buying from unauthorized online retailers can leave shoppers full of remorse when they bite into expired or improperly handled candy. Do you want your brand’s candy to be gifted to a special loved one in damaged packaging or even worse in a bundle with your competitor’s candy?

The unfortunate reality is that many consumers unknowingly purchase from unauthorized sellers on eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart.com, and eBay. Especially during busy holiday seasons, and mishandled food products can potentially put consumers and their loved ones at risk. While Amazon does its best to filter out fake products and bad listings, no one should settle for an inferior customer experience when buying candy this Valentine’s Day.

At POTOO, we not only protect your brand, but we also protect the consumers who buy your brand’s products – chocolate, candy, or otherwise.

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