Amazon Launches Poland: What You Need to Know

Blogs | March 3, 2021

Amazon has officially launched in Poland! is live as of Tuesday, March 2nd – 7 years after its first FC went into the market. This marks Amazon’s 19th marketplace in operation and 9th in Europe — remember when we all used to call it Amazon EU5?!

Amazon is now actively selling in the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, and now Poland. As we saw with the Sweden launch, the vast majority of 3P sellers are coming from outside of Poland given the critical mass needed for assortment. It’s expected to continue to recruit local Polish vendors/sellers. 

Amazon has been telegraphing its opening of Poland for years, opening its first FC in 2014 (there are now 9 operational with the 10th on the way) and putting an AWS office into Warsaw in 2015. Those FCs service the majority of EU operations with the bulk of FBA sellers coming from Germany – so it should be no surprise that it’s been fairly easy to flip the switch for a decent fulfillment experience for local shoppers in Poland. 

Note – Amazon also has operated 2 FCs in the Czech Republic for several years but we’ve not heard any rumors of opening a dedicated .cz platform.

The launch has followed Amazon’s standard operating model for market expansion in Europe. Core 1P offerings with leading brand partners, bolster 3P assortment through an existing network of sellers, and work on fulfillment integration with local networks like InPost. As with Sweden, Prime is not available nor is much digital content (this will come later once it can ink better terms with media companies and as traffic grows). Remember Prime & Digital Content is about long-term customer lifetime value – so they need to start locking in habits sooner rather than later. 

The elephant in the room of course is incumbent Polish eCommerce juggernaut Allegro that went public with an IPO in 2020 and has been dominating the eCommerce market in Poland for years to ensure it can stave off Amazon’s inevitable entry. It has a larger assortment, lower free shipping thresholds, and of course local loyalty. That being said – Allegro’s stock price is 21% down YTD as of this week… so there may be stormy weather anticipated.  

We recommend reaching out to your Account Manager – or to our team here to get more information on how to add this to your current program.

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