Amazon Launches in Belgium. What Does This Mean for Brands?

Blogs | May 17, 2023

As of October 18th Amazon has launched a marketplace in Belgium, making it the tenth active Amazon marketplace in Europe. With more than 180 million products available across 30 categories, consumers can shop from a range of new and well-established brands across Belgium. Amazon’s pan-European network allows third-party sellers across the continent to easily bring their products to market, with the advantage of active reviews appearing on Amazon Belgium’s platform. At launch there are over 100 million Prime eligible products ready for sale.

How can this impact your brand?

– You will see an increase in third-party sellers from Europe joining the marketplace and potentially listing your products for sale
– Third-party sellers listing your products on the marketplace could be sourcing from other regions that are not authorized for sale in Belgium
– The products available for sale in Belgium may potentially be listed in the wrong language variation on the packaging which can be confusing to consumers

Recommendations and how POTOO can help:

– If your brand is interested in expanding to Amazon Belgium, let us help you get started while monitoring your catalog and tracking third-party seller activity from the beginning
– Let us protect your brand by investigating and targeting sellers listing products that may not be legally compliant for sale in Belgium
– Use our insightful and actionable sales and inventory data to spot any possible distribution leakages in the marketplace across all Amazon Europe platforms

To learn more about how POTOO can help track and monitor your brand on over 200 marketplaces, while investigating unauthorized third-party sellers and providing your brand with top of the line service to take control of the marketplace, message us on LinkedIn or contact us at for your free brand assessment today!

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