AdvanceBSR Product Launch

Blogs | July 13, 2022

Our product development team at POTOO has been busy creating, testing, and modifying an exciting new product that we are proud to announce. AdvanceBSR (Best Seller Ranking) is an innovative product designed to provide users with actionable insights regarding your brand’s category ranking & stability, overall market share, and impact of reviews on sales over time.

What is the AdvanceBSR Dashboard?

POTOO’s AdvanceBSR is a personalized, interactive dashboard that takes a once-daily snapshot of the Top 100 products on Amazon in a given product category. Pricing insights are essential when running promotions or discounts and when your brand is experiencing MAP violations. AdvanceBSR allows you to visualize your shelf space in this category relative to competitors.

These products are tracked daily, giving users access to POTOO’s marketplace data as it relates to their most successful products along with those of their competitors. Categories range from very broad, like Toys & Games, Electronics, or Shoes, to very specific categories like GPS Trackers, 3-D Puzzles, or Electrical Timers.

Overview of AdvanceBSR Dashboard Data:

• Brand
• Listing Title
• Amazon ASIN (SKU No.)
• Marketplace Seller Inventory/Sales
• Amazon Seller & Amazon Buy Box
• Number of Resellers
• Category & Sub-Category (Child)
• Data Extraction Date
• Number of Reviews
• Quality of Reviews

We understand just how important it is to be ahead of the competition, and with AdvanceBSR, it’s now easier than ever to track and compare marketplace insights. You can confidently assess how your brand weighs up to those in the same category.

Key Insights at a Glance:

• Brand Ranking & Stability
• Overall Market-share by Brand
• Competitor Benchmark & 3P Seller Monitoring
• Amazon Brands Performance
• Brand Relevance in Category
• Price Point Impact and Average
• Impact of Reviews on Sales
• Low Stock Monitoring
• Inventory Mix
• Popularity Trend Analysis

Who We Made AdvanceBSR For:

• Leadership – Within the Top 100, which of my brand’s listings were created by me and which are created by 3P sellers?
• Sales & Marketing – How do my products rank over time? On average, what percentage of the ‘digital shelf’ do my products represent? How many of my products (and my competitors’ products) are making it into the Top 100, and how long are they staying there?
• Product Development – How are products in this category priced? How can we plan the proper Amazon assortment?
• Legal – How does our 3P seller activity compare to those of competitors?

Retailers and distributors can use this data to ensure they’re offering the most relevant brand and products in a given category. Be first to market with disruptive brands and carry customer favorites as vetted by the world’s largest e-commerce retailer.

Click Here for More Information & A Free 30-Day Test Drive of The AdvanceBSR


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