What is a ‘POTOO’ bird?

Archive | July 25, 2018

POTOO gets its name from the Amazonian bird, the POTOO. POTOO birds can be found in numerous areas, however, their greatest presence is in the Amazon Basin, an ecosystem that holds five different species. Likewise, POTOO helps protect brands under five different categories in the online Amazon marketplace, acting as a digital ecosystem.

When POTOO birds detect potential danger, they slowly transition into a “freeze” position, becoming completely camouflaged. Their special technique is to remain frozen until they detect possible prey nearby to quickly snatch.

POTOO protects the digital ecosystem that online marketplaces have created for sellers in the same way. Nearly invisible, POTOO detects negative behavior violating a brand’s policies to protect their brand value online. The actions taken to protect this digital ecosystem coincide with how a POTOO bird keeps the Amazon ecosystem safe with their strategy for hunting.

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