TALON Price Tracking

TALON Price Tracking

Know which online retailers are selling your products, for what price, instantly.
We’ll help you take action against MAP violations – automatically.

Advanced web monitoring

Every day, TALON scours the web for new and existing retailers offering your products. Using a proprietary data capture system, we gather and organize a hyper-accurate account of which retailers are selling your products, focusing on MAP violations.

Automatic communications

When MAP violations occur, we’ll send a letter to the retailer on your behalf. Using approved messaging and a copy of your brand’s MAP violation, we take the manual, repetitious work off your team’s plate.

Not just another dashboard

Your brand gains access to an actually useful dashboard, providing deep insights into the root of the problem. With one click, gain visibility into the things that matter – largest violators, average discount, margin erosion, and a view of who’s price matching against who.

Why choose TALON?


Other Price Tracking Tools

Smart data capture uses unique identifiers like UPC and other metadata, resulting in hyper- accurate distinctions between products and styles


Traditional data capture uses keywords and titles, resulting in blurred lines between similar products, bundles, and variations

Automatic retailer identification gives you the power to see the full picture of seeing who’s selling your products.

Manual retailer entry is required, and additional retailers will not be tracked, leading to missing critical MAP violations.

Automated communications take the work off your team’s plate. Choose which retailers get automatic communications, and handle the rest with a white-glove approach.

Manual communications for all retailers, creating hours of unnecessary work every week, and resulting in missed opportunities.

Advanced evidence, including screenshots, links, and timestamps, giving your brand an extra layer of protection and leverage.


Limited evidence, with confusing reports that reduce your ability to protect your brand and take action against violating retailers.

Best-in-class service – same-day access to our expert team. We’re here when you need us, whether it’s a simple question or advanced issue you need help solving.

Chatbots and no-reply emails – getting in touch with a real person may take days, if not weeks.

Industry-leading success rates – TALON boasts the highest MAP violation removal rate in the industry.


Low-to-moderate success rates – solve some MAP violations, if your team is able to put in the necessary time and effort.

Competitive pricing that rivals other solutions, while offering so much more.

Competitive pricing for a basic set of tools.

See TALON in action

POTOO offers qualified brands a free 2-week demo of TALON with up to 10 of your brand’s live SKUs.

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