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    Amazon & eCommerce Agencies

    We get it, you’re running a million miles an hour accelerating your client’s business with Amazon, fighting for the top spot on hundreds of different shelves, and optimizing ROAS for profitable volume. You do not have time to track down rogue sellers, clean up distribution, manage duplicate listings, work with brand registry, or file Vendor Central tickets for takedown requests. POTOO’s managed service takes over this grunt work for you so you can get back to what you live for – building incredible shopper experiences for the brands they love.


    Where is your client on their eCommerce journey?

    Are they in size of prize mode? Market expansion mode? Category innovation mode? Or has Amazon caused enough disruption in their business that they need a distribution diagnostic first to see which fires to put out first?

    POTOO’s marketplace analytics platform provides category assortment, competitor, distributor listing, pricing, and sell out for many marketplaces around the world – all with a customizable export function that allows for easy ingestion into your data modeling tools. So you can spend less time manipulating data and more time being awesome for your clients. We’ll even provide sample data for your proposal to create that burning platform.

    Data and Insight Businesses

    Looking to combine offline panel or scan data with online to build an omnichannel picture of subcategory trends? Leveraging multiple sources of data to craft a narrative powered by your team’s retail and shopper expertise? Finding it difficult to combine Amazon 1P data with estimated 3P sales? POTOO works with both data aggregators as well as shopper insight companies to ensure your client has the full eCommerce picture.