Blogs | August 7, 2018

Product Optimization & Why It’s Important

Product optimization is enhancing a product listing to make it more appealing to consumers – especially in the online marketplace where countless products exist. It’s…

Blogs | July 27, 2018

What you need to know about 3P Sellers

What is a ‘third-party seller’? Also commonly known as 3P sellers and resellers, third-party sellers are independent sellers who roam the online marketplace. These sellers…

Blogs | July 26, 2018

POTOO’s New ‘Nest’

POTOO is the leading agency in providing data-driven services to manage a company’s online marketplace presence. As e-commerce continues to take over the retail space,…

Blogs | July 25, 2018

What is a ‘POTOO’ bird?

POTOO gets its name from the Amazonian bird, the POTOO. POTOO birds can be found in numerous areas, however, their greatest presence is in the Amazon Basin,…


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