NAMM 2024


POTOO helps leading music & audio brands solve their toughest e-commerce issues.

E-commerce Brand Protection

POTOO puts brands back in the driver’s seat by identifying, reporting, and taking action against unauthorized product sales across all major e-commerce marketplaces.
  • 3rd party seller identification
  • Seller and listing count
  • Marketplace price tracking
  • Price violator tracking
  • Reseller inventory and sales
  • Violating seller mitigation & removal
  • Distribution & inventory source identification
  • 80%+ average removal success rate

TALON Price Tracking

TALON, POTOO’s price tracking solution, gives brands a clear look at who’s selling your products at which prices, and can automatically action against MAP violations. 

  • Automatic retailer identification — see product listings as they appear
  • Price monitoring across all e-commerce retailers and marketplaces
  • Automated letter sending to MAP violators
  • Tracking using UPC and metadata, rather than keywords, gives extremely accurate data
  • Capture screenshots of violations
  • Dashboard to view pricing trends, top violators, new violations, and more
  • Exportable data for internal tools
  • TALON achieves 80% average MAP violation reduction

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