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Product Information | August 23, 2022

POTOO AdvanceKWS™ Advantage

With over 74% of your potential customers utilizing Amazon’s search function when shopping online, it is crucial for brands to understand the catalog to which…

Product Information | August 9, 2022

POTOO AdvanceKWS™ Keyword Search Results

Why are Keyword Insights Important?  Every customer journey has to start somewhere.  Recent data suggests that 74% of the time that journey starts with an…

From Our CEO: Fred Dimyan | August 4, 2022

eCommerce Increased Importance During Stagflation

During the last recession, most retailers saw their sales and profits plummet due to the economic recession but flourished. According to Digital Commerce 360,…

Product Information | August 1, 2022

POTOO’s eAdvise™ Service

How confident are you in your channel strategy and does it provide opportunities for growth?  There are three essential components for any brand to consider…

Product Information | July 25, 2022

POTOO’s Recall Monitoring Program

Online marketplaces have complicated a manufacturer’s ability to efficiently meet their obligations around product recalls. Traditionally, when a recall was issued, a manufacturer could lean…

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