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Sharing Insights: Marketplace Org Blueprint


With the first quarter of 2021 already behind us, brands are forging ahead with the annual goals they set back in January while treading cautiously through an uncertain business climate.

Earlier this year, we surveyed over 100 eCommerce leaders from global brands to discover their priorities and growth plans heading into a post-Covid economy. Our survey focused on five key areas: 1.) marketplaces/channel strategies 2.) growth and expansion 3.) personnel alignment 4.) core capabilities 5.) new partnerships.

With eCommerce showing no signs of slowing down, you might be surprised to learn how leading brands incorporate their marketplace strategy as a critical function of their entire business model.

Listen to Stephen Mader (POTOO) and Andy Davies (Vertical Advantage) as they share findings from the industry’s first Marketplace Org Blueprint. Topics covered include:

* How are brands structuring their eCommerce teams?
* What areas are brands focusing on to drive growth?
* What skillsets are beneficial to the modern eCommerce team?
* What job functions are brands outsourcing vs. insourcing?
* What types of partnerships are brands developing for success?
* How are brands tackling cross-border opportunities?
* How are brands handling 3P sellers on the marketplace?
* What are brands’ most significant pain points on the marketplace?
* What emerging marketplaces are brands focused on in 2021?


Stephen Mader

Andy Davies
Vertical Advantage