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Best Practices When Building an Authorized Seller Strategy

Past Webinar: June 30th, 2020

June’s topic was all about building an Authorized Seller Strategy with best practice recommendations from our own, Stephen Mader, with support from eCommerce advisor, Chris Perry.

Fill out the form to listen to a 45-minute discussion digging into:

  • The role of Authorized Distributors (3PL) and Resellers in your core Digital Commerce Strategy
  • Best practice responsibilities of the brand to ensure it’s setting both the marketplace partner and the strategic distributor up for success
  • Metrics to embed into your framework when determining how to prioritize authorized 3PL partners — and how to track compliance with those partners
  • How to convince your business that this is core to sustainable long-term growth
  • Learnings from leading brands far into their 1P/3P/Hybrid journey


Stephen Mader
Head of Strategy & Insight

Chris Perry
eCommerce Advisor
CPG Digital