Intern Life

Blogs | February 7, 2019

This summer, I interned at POTOO Solutions, an eCommerce company specializing in protecting brands in online marketplaces. I worked alongside the Sales and Marketing teams helping to create various marketing content for client pitches and sales meetings.

I entered my role with little knowledge of specific insights into the evolving eCommerce industry. However, by continuously revising sales decks, creating a competitive analysis, and monitoring current news to keep our clients informed about changes within our field, I took in vast amounts of knowledge about brand protection online. With eCommerce giants opening up marketplaces for vendors to freely sell products (such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart) the third-party seller listing problem is inevitable for brands. POTOO reverses this problem, subsequently turning eCommerce into a growth strategy.

Interning at a mid-sized company has been an amazing experience. I had the ability to work closely with the founders and challenged myself to further my skill sets. I was able to hone in on my time management skills by working in such a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. My voice as an intern really mattered, which I am most thankful for. Both my communication skills and confidence have significantly improved as I was able to add my personal touch on projects like creating impact decks for leading brands.

Internships can be daunting when suddenly being thrown into a professional working environment, however, it’s so important to experience as an undergraduate college student. POTOO is a community of caring, hard-working individuals, who push you to reach outside of your comfort zone and become a strong candidate for job opportunities in the future. I believe there is something to be said about people who choose to work for a startup-like company because you can’t simply “do your job”, there must be passion behind every task to support company growth.

I cannot wait to apply the skills I learned at POTOO into my future career. The relationships I formed will last far beyond my time here. Thank you for an amazing summer, POTOO!

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