Amazon Marketplace Data

Amazon Marketplace Data

Amazon is flush with sellers – over 60% of all purchases on the platform are from third parties. It’s no secret that this can cause issues for brands.
POTOO can help. We identify and track your brand’s disruptive, unauthorized, and gray-market Amazon sellers – focusing on price erosion, TOS violations, unauthorized content changes, and more.

Accurate & Up to Date

POTOO’s data sourcing is among the most robust in the industry, leading to accurate data that updates daily. Get a clear picture of which sellers are breaking MAP, running weekend sales, injecting new inventory, and much, much more.

Get the best view with AERIAL360

Our proprietary data platform, AERIAL360, gives brands the ability to view data in deeply meaningful ways. Drill down to view specific sellers, individual products, your largest MAP violators, your most concerning margin losses, and more.

Deep datasets, better insights

POTOO has the deepest historical datasets in the industry. We’ve been tracking Amazon sellers for over a decade, giving us the ability to pinpoint sneaky sellers by connecting them to stored addresses, phone numbers, and other unique identifiers.

See our data in action.

POTOO offers qualified brands a free 2-week demo of Amazon Marketplace Data with up to 10 of your brand’s live SKUs.

Need a hand? We’re here to help.

If your brand needs assistance enforcing MAP violations, explore Marketplace Brand Protection, our comprehensive marketplace monitoring and enforcement service.

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